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The St.Gallen Partnership Catalyst is an incubator program for running successful cross-sector collaborations.

We can only achieve great progress together through collaborations between different sectors and actors. The Partnership Catalyst helps to secure the greatest added value from cross-sector collaborations and to implement successful projects together.


  • Beneficiaries: private sector, public sector, NGOs, foundations

  • Added value: More efficient, plannable, outcome and impact-oriented

About the Partnership Catalyst

The Partnership Catalyst is an innovative and collaborative capacity-building program designed to facilitate the creation of sustainable partnerships across various sectors, including the public, private, and civil society sectors. The program aims to build a strong foundation for partnerships, foster collaboration skills, generate research insights, and co-create joint sustainable solutions.

One of the key benefits of participating in the Partnership Catalyst is the opportunity to co-create sustainable solutions that have positive economic, social, and environmental impacts. The program emphasizes the importance of economic sustainability, ensuring that the projects undertaken during the program have achievable outcomes and impact. By developing cross-sector partnerships that includes economic sustainability, organizations can create long-term value for all stakeholders involved, while also addressing complex societal challenges.

With the Partnership Catalyst, your organization will gain new skills and capabilities that can help develop strategic partnerships and co-create sustainable solutions that balance economic, social, and environmental considerations. 


Create Value! Create Partnerships!


Design thinking-based methodology 


Identifying potential partners


Establishing a shared understanding of project objectives and expected outcomes 



Improve skills and capacity building. Driving the project​


Measuring impact to ensure progress towards desired outcomes


Identifying follow-up projects to build on success and continue collaboration

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When to Consider the Partnership Catalyst?

  • Use the Partnership Catalyst when your organization wants to collaborate with partners from different sectors to implement complex projects.

  • The program is ideal for organizations that want to develop in a particular area and are seeking partnerships with other sectors to achieve their goals.

  • Revive stalled cross-sector projects with Partnership Catalyst support.

Your Benefits for Impact

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Build foundations for partnerships

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Foster collaboration capabilities and skills

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Co-create joint solutions for Impact

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Take the lead in driving to sustainable success

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Develop a reputation as a thought leader in your field


We empower cross-sector partnerships

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Alle Hände rein
The St. Gallen Partnership Catalyst has been an excellent program for us. Their team is knowledgeable, dedicated, and committed to building lasting cross-sector partnerships. They have been instrumental in supporting our business goals and their innovative approach has been invaluable. We highly recommend The St. Gallen Partnership Catalyst to any organization looking for a strategic enabler for cross-sector collaboration.
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